Welcome to AZIDEL

A World born by accident






The story goes that back in the dawn of time a great force came into the land and broke the flaw of time and space, thus allowing life to spring in Azidel. Nobody knows what caused that rip to happen, an accident it was to give birth to that plane and its gates, but wiser ones are saying that it was a powerful being facing its doom, and the anger of the ancient ones caused this. They also say that the being was a former creature of light, greatly worshiped in her land, and whilst nobody knows how or why, she was banished into darkness, and the power of that fall was so great that all universe shattered and thus time entered the dark stillness of Erebos. Nobody knows what has become of that being, or how or if she even survived her fall, but what is certain is that if Azidel exists today, it is due to that single moment in time, an accident in the ancient balanced of the universe and thus they now celebrate once a year when the two moons and the distant star (a far away sun without a name for now – but it is so far that its light barely touches the moons and the world itself – hence the shadowy feeling about it) – align, The Week of the Lost One …